About Us

Ride-On Mower Racing originally started in QLD 17 years ago in 2000 with the Bundy Turfburners and the Sunshine Coast Mower Racing Club, but the sport has grown rapidly throughout Queensland and Australia since those early days. The Queensland Ride-On Mower Racing Association (QROMRA) was formed in 2012 and is an Incorporated Not for Profit organisation mainly to incorporate all QLD Clubs under the one umbrella with the same set of Rules and Regulations.

QROMRA’s main aim is to:
*     act as the umbrella governing body for QLD Mower Racing Clubs and Members.
*     develop and maintain a standard set of Rules and Regulations for all Clubs
*     maintain the Public Liability Insurance which covers all Clubs and Race Events
*     raise the professionlism and standards of the sport
*     promote and expand the sport of Ride-On Mower Racing in Queensland and Australia wide.

Besides the required Office Bearers of President, Secretary and Treasurer, the Main Committee consists of 2 delegates from each Club who represent all their respective Club members. This ensures that all individual Members and Clubs have input into developing and maintaining all the Rules and Regulations of the Association.